Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Telecommuter's guide: No Scam Please

“Oh, I got caught in another scam again.” Seems like there are plenty of “not so promising’ jobs and outright scams?

Don’t give up. I know of people who simply give up searching for a job because of work-from-home scams but the fact is there are real jobs out there for telecommuters. You just need to be cautious.

Are you ready to get kicked on the ass?

1) A simple theory in life, a job pays you. If you get job postings which you are asked to send money, then is not a job. Simple as that.

2) There is no shortcut to success. If you think that there is something such as easy work huge return, think again. If things are that easy, why do you think other people still work hard?

3) Remember the series desperate housewife? See what desperate acts leads to? Disaster! Be patient when you find telecommuting job.

4) Start with what you know rather than jumping to an alien ship. Even then, move forward cautiously while stay persistent. Always remember that persistence and patience is the ultimate winner to any challenges.

5) Ask. People tend to get lost when they don’t ask for direction. I haven’t seen any Amazing Race participant that won the challenge without asking direction. So if you want to hit the million dollar jackpot, open your mouth. Post questions in forums and get advice from others.

Bump into cross road? Stay strong and the ship will sail more smoothly on your next ride.

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