Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get started

Ok you are all fired up and willing to strike for whatever challenges that is coming along but where to start?

I categorized WAHM into two: telecommuter and entrepreneur

For a telecommuter, you usually need to search for work-at-home jobs where competitive can be huge. A few pointers during your search

1) See whether there is any possibility to transfer your existing job to a telecommuting position. With the advancement of telecommunication, companies are more open to work from home concept. In fact, they can save overhead cost when an employee works offsite

2) Learn new skills such as web design, blogging, translation (if you are multi-lingual) etc. When you search for an online posting, you need to promote your capabilities because you will be competing with other WAHM.

3) Start networking. Word of mouth is very powerful tool for any jobseeker.

Entrepreneur will faced different challenges. To start a home-based business, you need to go through business selection process and many tend to drop off halfway. Before you start, assess your talents and interest. Building a business doing what you loves to do is a based for successful business venture. Ask this question, ‘What kind of home-biz can I start where I can utilize my skills?’

Whichever path that you are taking whether you prefer to telecommute or becoming an entrepreneur, do remember that patience and persistence ultimately rule the day.

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