Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mompreneur: Launching Your Business Senses

Are you ready to take big steps in your life?
What type of business are you looking forward to venture into?

The following article extracted from Entreprenuer.com will give you a little more insight on what type of business to start:

Starting From Scratch
So you have an amazing business idea you want to start from scratch? That's great--some of the best business ideas and inventions have come from moms! Before you go any further, first do your research. Get online and try to find out what product or service comes close to what you want to do. Ideally, you'll want a niche, something that's special and unique.

Online Businesses
Do you have a business idea you feel could be done entirely online? The startup costs are relatively low, and the hours are what you make of them. My caution here is that thousands upon thousands of moms try this, so you really need to have a great idea and be strongly committed to making it work. For instance, while virtually anyone can make money auctioning their stuff on eBay, to move from eBay hobbyist to eBay business owner takes hard work and planning.

Network Marketing Opportunities
If your primary desire is to work from home and spend your days with your kids, you might want to consider one of the hundreds of network marketing opportunities that exist. Whether you want to sell scrapbook supplies, cookware, toys or health and beauty products, there are countless companies that have capitalized on the desire of moms to earn money and work from home.

Be careful though: I know many moms who spend most of their profits on their inventory or the products themselves because they love them! I'm guessing that if success were gauged on personal profits, not many could call themselves successful. But if you feel this is a good model for you, make sure you love and believe in the product and are committed to making it work.

Business Opportunities
A business opportunity exists where a third party (the seller) sells or leases to you products, equipment, supplies or services to enable you to start your own business. Business opportunity programs can include vending machine routes, distributorships and multilevel marketing arrangements. Before investing, consider what type of business opportunity is best suited to your own particular experience, skills and interests. The financial investment and workload for these types of businesses tend to be higher than that of network marketing opportunities; however, the revenue may be more as well.

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