Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get Crafty

You are fired! What would you do if you got fired from your job today and had no employment, no way to pay the bills and your kids education?

If you are blessed with crafting talents, wait no more. Unleashed your talent now as you are blessed with an instant home business niche idea. Selling craft is a wonderful way to bring income.

Craft business like any other business need detail planning. The most important thing at this stage is plan something that you love to do. Once you are doing what you love, you can get customers from the below suggestions:

1) Online Marketing

Selling crafts online is much easier than most people think. Cost can be minimal and if you are using proper online marketing tools eg www.etsy.com, www.facebook.com, you can market your craft anywhere at anytime.

2) Local Craft Fairs 

Local craft fairs are another place you can venture into. By staying local, you can cut transportation cost and it is wonderful to showcase your product and have your item being marketer through word of mouth.

3) Supplies

Take time to shop around for supplier with lower costs. If your typical supply cost per product is $5.00 and you can half the price of the cost, you can increase the profit of $2.50 per item.

4) Don't under price your work

Handmade craft are often made based on high quality as compared to machine made product which is quantity based. Expect your customer to pay more but at the same time don't overprice yourself out of the market.

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