Sunday, December 21, 2008

Liars and cheaters!

As a WAHM, I always get myself up to date of what is happening around, whether real or Internet world. One of the most disturbing and shocking video I've seen lately is how Internet marketer is cheating innocent people online. Thanks to Patric Chan, an Internet marketer guru for revealing it.

Click here for the video

I just can't imagine how these people can actually cheat others especially WAHM. As a mother, we have to face everyday challenges by providing the best to our family and work. In the midst of all the juggling, we can easily be the victim of those irresponsible so call 'guru'. For all WAHM, please take note of all these scam and if you do fall prey to the 'guru', do feel free to comment or leave me a note so that we can spread out the words to all.

If you are thinking about making money online and would like to purchase a product to guide you through, I will recommend for you to go through the information provided carefully. Look for value as that is what true Internet marketer will provide.

Good luck!

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