Thursday, December 18, 2008

Struggle No More

My kids are too noisy at home and laundry is never ending. House is in a mess. Work is not done. Arrgghhhh!

Sounds familiar? You are not alone. When you started your home career, you thought of the flexibility for family life. As I mentioned before, there is no perfect balance. Most WAHM I know are in a daily struggle including me J

When you are working, you feel guilty putting your kids aside. When you are with the kids, your mind is thinking about deadlines or your business. After guilt consumes you with kids and work, you are too exhausted to remember about the undone household chores that have been piling up since weeks or months ago.

What are you going to do with it? How can you sail through the struggling? I will be lying if I say you will do it perfectly with this few steps. Nothing is perfect and so do you. Always remember that you are a mom, wife, friend, daughter, cook, housekeeper, worker and the list goes on.

Never look back and think ‘What if I am still working?’ ‘I shouldn’t have forgotten about my son’s baseball game.’ Everyday is a new challenge for ALL WAHM. Yes, I do mean ALL.

If you are trying to be perfect WAHM, the system will not work. Tell yourself that you had DO your best. When you are working, DO your best to stay focus. When spend time with your family, give them your fullest attention. Listen to them. Talk to them.

Embrace this struggle. Always remember that you had taken a big step being working and a mom at the same time and it is ok for you to let some things go. You are great and nobody should judge you in any way.

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