Friday, December 19, 2008

Please Don’t Interrupt

Mom, can I have a cookie, please?

Mom, I don’t want to play with John anymore.

Do all these sounds familiar while you are working? The list will go on until you are not able to concentrate on your work. In this case, you need to start teaching your children independent play. They need to find their own fun when you are working.

If you have child care, that is great. If not, you need a repertoire of independent activities for them. These activities are things kids can do with little parental supervision but still be engaged in a positive fashion.

Art: Can keep some kids occupied for hours. However this can be messy for younger kids so you may want to consider putting them in a dedicated art space

Reading: Let your kids choose several library books every week so that they can spend time reading while you work.

Educational Computer Software: This will occupy them for some time but do set a time limit because kids can find it hard to disengage from the computer.

Play Dates: Hosting a play date is beneficial as you will be able to work and at the same time allow your child the opportunity to play and learn together with a friend.

Nap time: Nap time is always the best for work-at-home moms to get work done but unfortunately nap time change frequently. If you are telecommuter, try not to schedule important phone calls during that time.

Play Time: Your child can either play with toys or imaginative play but be prepared that your child may cling to you once she/he is bored.

The best time that I find is still night time when everyone is asleep.

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