Monday, February 9, 2009

Virtual Assistant Specialist

lauriebizsml1 Retrenchment, financial uncertainty. With all the financial and economic dramas around the world, you will be thinking twice on hiring an assistant to do your office work. Don't look far because Halo Secretarial Services is on the way.

Laurie has a long history as an in-office legal assistant/paralegal. She began her career working as legal secretary soon after receiving her honours diploma in paralegal studies in 1993. She worked for a sole practitioner for a few years then worked as legal assistant in a large lawfirm and finally as both a legal assistance and then paralegal for a governmental legal department. Soon after the birth of her third child, she founded Halo Secretarial Services.

"Really it is about making the best use of your time. If you delegate tasks appropriately, your business will function better. Success is not only about working hard but working smart." her response on why people should hire a virtual assistant. Very true indeed since Laurie has helped her clients to save on the cost of hiring full time employee by using her professional services.

With her extensive legal assistance background, Laurie is perfectly suited to help lawfirms get more work done. Halo Secretarial Services is an independent contractor to business without paying direct wages. Halo Secretarial also offers general virtual assistance to small business owners, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and freelancers.

On a personal note, she has three wonderful sons and a life always lived on the go. She shares her life with an amazing and supportive husband who keeps her on track.

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