Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shana's Shop: Handmade Magnets With Love

IMG_3238Shana’s Shop was created in August, 2008 by Debbie. The creative process started many years before when she received an opened dollhouse kit missing some pieces. Wanting to put the kit together proved to be a challenge and sparked her interest in creating and designing. The first dollhouse led to a second dollhouse, and soon Debbie was building furniture.

After moving into her own place, Debbie found that it was difficult to find exactly what she wanted in order to furnish her home. Frustrated with her options, she started building her own furniture.

Her passion for building and creating things led Debbie to become an architect by profession. When she is not working, she enjoys creating new items and custom orders in her home studio for Shana’s Shop.

Shana’s Shop has evolved greatly since it was created. Wanting to share her travels around the world, Debbie started making square plastic magnets with her own photographs. These have evolved into round glass magnets with her photographs.IMG_3532

"A few people told me about Etsy and when I looked at the site, I thought I could do this. It took me a while to actually set up a shop,” said Debbie when asked about creating Shana’s Shop. Then she added, “I think it is important to buy handmade items and give them as gifts. I have always enjoyed making handmade gifts because there is more meaning associated with them. My favorite and most meaningful gifts that I have received have been handmade just for me. There is something so special about handmade items that you cannot find in store bought items." 

For Debbie, the biggest challenge so far has been advertising. She is still trying to figure out how to reach people that would be interested in the items that she is selling. With her creativity and lovely work finding the right place to sell her work is probably just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, do check out all her lovely magnets, photographs, and cards at Shana's Shop.

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