Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How To Get More Sales With Less Effort

As a business owner, sales results is one of the most important parameter to determine a business's success. Thus you need to have a positive mindset. Negative statements like "That won't work", " We can't achieve that" shut down the creative part of the brain. This is seen as a way out of the fear of selling.

You need to be a risk taker with courage to overcome the fear for success. To get massive results, always "Think outside the square". Be creative and ask yourself positive questions:

1) What is the target you would like to achieve?

2) What could you do if you want to double up the business revenue?

3) What are the strategies (don't worry about being outrages)?

4) What are the obstacles that you need to overcome?

5) How can you determine if the idea would work?

6) Is there any assistance you need to achieve the goal?

Understanding your customer need is crucial as well. You need to know what your customer are looking for and what you can do to fulfill customer's need are essentials. Do a customer satisfaction survey to understand what they thought about your competitor, pricing and product relevancy.

Always remember that your limitations are based on your current thinking. Use your creativity to grow your business and always remember that no idea is a bad idea.

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