Monday, January 19, 2009

Telecommuting Isolation

This is the most common negative in telecommuting world. Let me share how one of my close friend who has been telecommuting since graduated from university adjust to this atmosphere.

Stay energetic

Every morning I will wake up at 7am no matter whether I have any conference call or not later in the morning. If I don't do that, I will not be able to get into the momentum of working and this is very crucial if you work from home.


I always make sure that I won't take my time in vacuuming or washing the dishes during workday. I always imagine myself in a real office even when I am working from my bedroom.

Field time

I don't isolate myself in the house. Once a while, I will go for on site meeting rather than conference call. Meeting up with co-worker makes me feel more satisfied work. At the same time, I can build stronger relationships with my clients when we meet up in the office.

Professional Community

As an IT professional, I join a professional community near my place so that I can myself updated with what is happening around the industry. I treat this as seriously as I could because they become my professional lifeline on a daily basis.

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